An EDC conversation with two Baltimore-based artists
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"For every object created, there is a cost, a debt and a toll, especially if you’re a city dweller. I appreciate these things with a kind of sorrow, but also a connection to the objects as things that were purposely designed for a particular use, but are now left astray." -- Artist Adam Stab

We've been led to consume so many things on a daily basis, leaving behind heaps of waste and detritus. Baltimore artists Adam Stab and Jordan Tierney work with materials harvested from urban streets and streams, offering a visual critique of throwaway culture and a chance to imagine what a future of more thoughtful caretaking might look like. 


In a collaborative event this month with BmoreArt Magazine, EDC curators Lee Davis and Anand Pandian led a public conversation with Stab and Tierney on creative work with garbage, and nurturing more responsible relationships with material things. Take a look at the video below for excerpts of the discussion. BmoreArt has also published a full transcript with gorgeous photos of the event and artwork; we're excited about this new partnership.

Meanwhile, for those who missed another engaging discussion a couple of weeks ago, we've published a recording of the recent conversation and redesign session on Baltimore's infamous "Highway to Nowhere" led by EDC curator Cristina Murphy. The session featured some visionary ideas pitched by Morgan State University students, in dialogue with Baltimore city planners, designers, and architects.

Panel: The Sustainable Urban Village on the Highway to Nowhere
The Sustainable Urban Village on the Highway to Nowhere: A Project by Morgan State University’s Design Studio 3 January 31, 2023 In support of the “Reconnect Communities” program initiated by…

Lastly, for those of you who have been with the EDC since we launched in 2021, here's one last reminder that we are retiring our chat messaging Commons at the end of this month. Please make sure to archive any message and channel threads you'd like to keep before then. Our previous newsletter has more details on what to do.

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