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May 21

Creative Workshop: 12 new narratives for 12 days of COP29

May 21 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am EDT


A special invitation to co-create NEW ecological narratives with the Planetary Health Alliance community! Join Dr. Sally Flint, Cecilia Mañosa Nyblon, and the PHA team at a virtual workshop to co-create 12 new narratives for 12 days of COP29 that connect local/global experiences, observations, research, facts, and feelings.

There is no requirement to have done any creative writing before.

Make Your Voice Count at COP 29
(Azerbaijan, November 11-24, 2024)

Zoom Workshop: May 21, 2024
9:00 – 11:00 am EDT
Themes: Fire & Water

Collaborate in inspiring conversations and writing which will act as a catalyst to communicate science by humanizing our ecological crisis and be a driver for positive solutions to forge a greener, healthier, and socially just world.

After the workshops, submit drafts of writing and any relevant ideas/research to the editorial team who will adapt submissions into 12 stories/poems for 12 days of COP29. These new narratives will be published and launched at COP29 and used to underpin and inform other creative outputs. While no single story/poem will be attributed to one person, all workshop participants’ names will be listed as contributors.

The ‘We Are the Possible Team’ are a committed, interdisciplinary group from the University of Exeter, Met Office, and other organizations with a track record of delivering successful international projects linking science, health, environment, education, and the arts to catalyze climate actions and solutions. The program has reached over 34 million people since 2021 engaging policy makers, ministers, educators, experts, children and youth and non-traditional audiences connecting hearts and minds to take action to safeguard and restore our planet.


· For the workshops to provide a creative reflective space for different disciplines, viewpoints, experiences/practice to experiment with words and stories.   

· For the draft writing to be edited and woven together into 12 narratives for 12 days of COP29 and to be representative of everyone who has taken part in the workshops.

· For the narratives to become a vehicle to humanize our climate and ecological crises and act as a driver for positive actions and solutions to forge a sustainable, healthier, and socially just world.

· To adapt and translate the narratives in varied forms at COP 29 in Azerbaijan, UK, & beyond. 
This program of change builds on the legacies of the University of Exeter Green Futures We are the Possible (COP28), We Still Have a Chance (COP27), and One Chance Left  (COP26) in collaboration with the Met Office and other international partners since 2021. With thanks to the Met Office UK for funding the workshops and editorial process to create an anthology for COP29 Climate Change Conference in Baku, 2024.