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Where do you work or study?

MSU / SA+P, Virginia Tech at WAAC, and XCOOP

What do you do?

Cristina is a registered architect in The Netherlands, co-founder of XCOOP, assistant professor at MSU, adjunct with Virginia Tech. She started her career at the OMA, Rotterdam Her research examines how to address social and urban inequity. and temporary structures used to revitalize downtown areas via integrated strategies based on user participation.

Where do you live?

Baltimore and Rotterdam depending on the season…

What Brings You Here?

How do you like to engage your environment?

I do: as a designer of the built environment I have no other way but to engage, widly.

What ecological concerns weigh on you the most?

Resources scarcity and ways to design + build in a cyrcular manner.

What does ecological design mean to you?

Design and build with and for the ecosystem as a whole.

What would you recommend reading on radical ecological futures?

In my study, the following are eye-openers into injustices in the built (ecological) envionment: 1. The Color of Law-A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America-Richard Rothstein; 2. Not in My Neighborhood. How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City – Antero Pietila; 3. How to Kill a City – Gentrification Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood by Peter Moskowitz

What kinds of projects would you like to get involved with?

Post-Pandemic Urban Design

What mediums do you like to work with?

Many: drafting tools, presentation tools, pictures/images and videos.

What kinds of people would you like to collaborate with?

Social behaviorist and realtors

What's one idea you'd like to figure out with others?

Reconnect segregated communities

What else should we know about you?

Most of time I feel like Don Quichotte….

What would you like to see this community become?

An open source toolbox of resources to make this world a better place.