First Name

Karin Louise

Last Name




What do you do?


What Brings You Here?

How do you like to engage your environment?

Writing, Talking, Inspiring… Sharing…

What ecological concerns weigh on you the most?

Estuaries, rivers, cyclones/typhoons/hurricanes, plastic pollution, El Niño Southern Oscillation extremes

What does ecological design mean to you?

Rethinking systems and status quos with best skills to better worlds; mangroves and bamboo as scaffolding and shelter

What would you recommend reading on radical ecological futures?

What kinds of projects would you like to get involved with?

Estuaries, waterways, fishponds, Indigenous knowledge systems

What mediums do you like to work with?

Writing, metaphors, metaphysics

What kinds of people would you like to collaborate with?

Those who can implement or creatively engage with the idea seeds I find/weave beyond writing

What's one idea you'd like to figure out with others?

Environmental philosophy to the ENSO or complementary dualities to understanding "everything"

What else should we know about you?

I theorize across languages and spacetimes and oceans, like I pull things out of the ether and then need to find the interdisciplinary academic citations…

What would you like to see this community become?

A space to dialogue creative and cross-cultural knowledge on ecologies, without being constrained by disciplines or methods