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  • A small grants program for group organizing on the EDC platform

    Posted by Anand Pandian on June 27, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    We’re excited to announce a small grants program to support the organizing of groups on the EDC platform. Five grants of $1000 each will be offered to support environmentally oriented groups or projects that wish to organize on our platform. These may be existing community groups that need a new space or way of organizing, or new groups of shared interest and concern that would like to organize via the EDC.

    This page outlines our thinking about groups on the EDC platform.

    Here are some guidelines. The project or organization should be related to the vision of the EDC. The project or organization should define its goals, whether a specific tangible outcome, or the exploration of a topic in community with others. We want to offer support to people who are thinking about and trying to create sustainable futures, and would benefit from creating a collective space of their own within our growing online community. Please take a look at our existing roster of groups to get a sense of what might be possible, and complementary to what exists already. Groups receiving grant support may be public or private, but not hidden.

    Applications should include the following details—

    • A summary of the group or project’s goals and aims, any ongoing work, and plans for future work. This can be presented in a narrative format, a slideshow presentation, or a video. What are your hopes for the group? How did you come up with the idea? What do you want to achieve and why does it matter to you?
    • An explanation of why the EDC platform would make a good home for this group. Why did you join the EDC? How will you use this platform to support your work? Will this group be public or private, and why? Are you committed to engaging with others on the platform, and do you agree to our community standards?
    • Some background on the organizers. Can you share a website or an online profile? Are you connected to other groups, research teams, or non-profits? Whether you have a leadership board, a small group of colleagues or neighbors looking to complete a project together, or a few people who want to collaborate across places and institutions, tell us a little bit about who you all are.

    Applications will be read by a team of EDC curators. Please take the application as a chance to give us a way to get acquainted with you and your work, and also to think about how we can best support you (beyond the stipend) with resources, connections, and community.

    Please apply by the end of July, by email to Successful applicants will be notified in mid-August. Grant recipients will be paid $500 when they begin their organizing projects, and an additional $500 with the submission of a progress report after three months. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any questions you may have. replied 11 months, 3 weeks ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
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