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  • Repairing and caring in my cluttered junk closet

    Posted by Jonas Johnson on October 18, 2023 at 7:56 pm

    I have several objects that need a bit of care‚ÄĒtemporary paperweights that are sitting around waiting for that “one day over the rainbow” when I finally get around to repairing them. (I sense there is something distinctly Southern about this particular strain of hoarding; the only thing that keeps my yard free of a rusted out car, my porch without a busted appliance, my garage from hosting a collection of worn out twin-stroke tillers is my perpetual status as a renter-on-the-move…).

    I’ve got a InstantPot with a blown out fuze, some wireless earbuds that could use some glue-and-solder replacement batteries, and a blender with a worn out gear. While I don’t have many of the necessary skills, I’m confident that a few clicks around DIY YouTube, a bit of tinkering and futzing around, and some moral support could turn these clunky hangers-on into something no longer worthy of the landfill. And I have a feeling I’m not alone in hoarding these trinkets that just need a little bit of love?

    Next semester as curator for the collective, I’d really like to host some sort of small-time project repair workshop. This is a nascent idea, and I’d love the EDC’s thoughts! I’ve got some questions, and maybe you could help me think it thru: (1) What are some repair projects you’ve got laying around (electronics, car and home maintenance, furniture fixes, clothing mending)? (2) What skills/ tools/ resources would be helpful in pushing these projects to completion? (3) What skills might you be able to share to help other members of the collective with their own projects? (4) Do you have any connections to resources in Baltimore or elsewhere (tutorials, workshop space, tool lenders, etc) that I ought to look into as I start planning? (5) Do you have any suggestions for literature or teaching resources around ecology and repair that could help make this mutual aid skillshare/ workshop event also serve as a site for political education and critical discussion?

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