A Conversation with Soledad Salamé

On February 9th, the EDC’s ECO-ARTs group held a conversation with Baltimore-based visual artist Soledad Salamé, exploring the connections between ecologies and technologies in her multimedia installations. Joining Salamé were Amy Raehse from the Goya Contemporary Gallery, ECO-ARTs convenor Kristine Roome, and EDC curator Nicole Labruto. Delving into Salamé’s work over many decades, the conversation explored the use of artistic practice to stage environmental dialogues.


Soledad Salamé was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1954 and now resides and works in Baltimore, MD. Inspired by her time in Venezuela from 1973 to 1983, where she immersed herself in the rainforests, Salamé’s interdisciplinary art reflects extensive research across the Americas, Europe, and Antarctica. Her current project, “Are you listening?” spans from Chile to Baltimore, exploring sociopolitical themes. Notable exhibitions include the Women’s March Artist Book and “Are You Listening?” at Goya Contemporary Gallery. Salamé’s work graces collections worldwide, including the National Gallery of Art and The Baltimore Museum of Art. As founder of Sol Print Studios, she also fosters artistic collaboration and innovation, earning recognition for excellence in the Baltimore Arts Community.

Amy Eva Raehse, Executive Director and Partner at Goya Contemporary Gallery, boasts over 25 years of experience spanning various arts sectors, including museums, galleries, academia, and nonprofits. She specializes in Contemporary Art, curates exhibitions, represents emerging and mid-career artists, and manages their careers. Raehse is renowned as a writer, educator, and curator, with expertise in the work of MacArthur Fellow Dr. Joyce J Scott. As a co-founder of Artists for Truth, she engages in activism within the art community. Raehse’s vast contributions include over 150 curated exhibitions, serving as a national juror, and teaching at numerous colleges and universities. She advises arts organizations in Baltimore and holds positions on several boards, including the International Fine Print Dealers Association. Raehse’s influence extends globally, placing artworks in esteemed collections such as MoMA, The MET, and the Smithsonian. With qualifications in Arts Management, an MFA, and a BFA, she combines her New Yorker roots with a deep commitment to Baltimore, emphasizing material culture, ethical practices, and the preservation of culturally significant objects.

Kristine Roome is an Applied Anthropologist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University and a certificate from the Institute for African Studies. She was the former Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she was representative to the Earth Institute, served on the Institutional Board of Black Rock Forest, an environmental research center in upstate NY, and helped support the establishment of the Center for Sustainable Futures. She has taught art, anthropology, education, and museum studies at Teachers College, The New School, and several other universities in the US and abroad and has advised, curated, and researched many exhibitions. She currently works at the National Anthropological Archives and is a Trustee of the Maryland Historical Trust. She has completed a forthcoming book on art & science entitled “In the Line of Flight”.

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