Future Habitats

This project is mostly just an idea still, with some resources to draw on and build from. I don’t know where it’s meant to go, beyond this brief mission statement below, and I welcome any ideas and suggestions. What the project “does” remains aspirational, as none of this has happened yet (though the grammatical tense implies otherwise). Still, I’m hoping things may begin to happen sometime soon, and I’d be glad to find some company to make such things happen. I’m thinking in particular about building bridges between experiments happening in different places, such as India and the United States. The image is a photo I took one evening on a street in Chennai, India, in 2020. And here’s a brief snapshot of a mission I wrote later that year.

“Future Habitats envisions and enables human settlements that support sustainable and responsive living. We organize collaborative workshops in sustainable design and small-scale experiments in ecological dwelling, by bringing together local communities and public agencies, creative professionals, and social researchers. We develop media works and public events to convey the insights of marginal environmental cultures, and neglected traditions of interspecies life. We nurture alternative urban futures that meet the needs of diverse human, animal, and plant communities, grounded in a spirit of social and environmental justice.”

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