Getting Beyond Zero Through Green Building

Getting Beyond Zero: A Conversation with Bruce King on Embodied Carbon, Natural Building, and Ecological Design

EDC curator Mike Degani sat down with green builder Bruce King on December 8, 2022 for a conversation on embodied carbon, natural building, and ecological design. Check it out here:

Bruce King is a registered structural engineer with 40 years of private consulting experience, and 35 years of leadership in the green building movement. He is the instigator and author of the Marin County low-carbon concrete code, and has served as a Green/Clean Tech advisor to numerous startups and other organizations. He is also co-founder and Director of Ecological Building Network (EBNet) a non-profit coalition of engineers, builders, and architects developing and disseminating best technologies for the built environment. He is also co-founder of Green Building Press, a small publishing enterprise. He is the author of five books, Buildings of Earth and Straw (1996), Making Better Concrete (2005, Design of Straw Bale Buildings (2006), The New Carbon Architecture (2017), and Build Beyond Zero (2022).

Michael Degani is a Curator of the Ecological Design Collective and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University, researching the intersections of design, infrastructure and energy in Africa and beyond. His book The City Electric: Infrastructure and Ingenuity in Postsocialist Tanzania was published by Duke University Press in 2022.


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